How to Do Google Reverse Image Search On Any Platform

Google Reverse Image Search

All of us are aware of image searches, a search engine functionality that allows you to find images that are closely linked to your search words. But there is another form of image search, for when you already have an image and therefore need to know its hidden source or background or find related pictures. It’s called the reverse image search, and now it’s simple to do that on your iOS or Android smartphone. We’re teaching you how to use it.

What Is a Google Reverse Image Search Function?

Google Reverse Image Search lets you easily find visually related images from around the internet. Upload a picture from your device to Google Images, and you can almost immediately see similar images posted on other blogs as well as various sizes of the same object.

Reporters can use the reverse search image option to determine the location of the picture or to know the estimated time that the image was first released on the Web. Photographers can use the ‘search by image’ option to learn about certain pages that use their images without consent.

Why Is Google Reverse Image Search Beneficial?

Reverse image search is useful for finding the origins of pictures, snapshots, and Viral meme photos. Tinder and Twitter members have used Image Search to check profile images, and tourists use it to discover photos, while marital sites use reverse search image features to find false edits. A reliable and secure Image finder All of the submitted photos are kept privately in Google Cloud and cannot be found by other people. All images are immediately removed from cloud storage after a few hours of uploading.

Now you know why to google reverse image search is so functional and how people from different sectors use it. Let us tell you how you can easily perform a google reverse image search on your smartphone or mobile device.

How to Perform Google Reverse Image Search On Your Smartphones:

Search by Image Using Google Chrome

If you have Chrome on Android or iOS, it’s easy to scan the reverse picture. Here’s the way to proceed.

  • Go over to the picture you chose in the Chrome window.
  • Click and keep holding the picture until the display opens up.
  • Click Search On google for this pic.
  • And see the results.

Reverse Image Search On Android

If someone gave you a picture or you’ve already saved it to your smartphone, you can import it to do a reverse image search. This method works for any Android browser you choose. You want a desktop site of Google Image Search to import an image to do a reverse image search. Here’s the way to begin.

  • Visit on your device.
  • You want the desktop edition, but you’re going to need to inquire about that. In Chrome, press the top right of the three dots to launch the Further menu.
  • Choose the Desktop Site design.
  • Click the tiny camera icon to get a photo upload feature.
  • Upload the image and see the results.

Reverse Image Search On iPhone

You can also perform a reverse photo search on iOS. Here’s the way to begin.

  • Visit on your device.
  • You require the desktop edition, but you’re going to need to inquire about that.
  • Click the Sharing icon in Safari, with the arrow pointing up to launch the Share screen. In Chrome, press the Three-Point More button at the bottom right of the page.
  • Scroll through the options before you reach the Request Desktop Version and then press it.
  • Tap the small camera icon to have the ability to upload a file.
  • Upload your image for photo search and view the results.

Reverse Image Search Using utility website.

Now, this is something different; you also have another few choices if you want to do a reverse image search, irrespective of which smartphone application or search engine you are using. Here is the site that will enable you to do a reverse image search without any hassle. We recommend using the Duplichecker Image finder, which is an amazing reverse photo lookup tool. It instantly returns with results and is very convenient and easy to use.

All you have to do for a quick photo search is to visit the site and choose the reverse image search option. Upload the picture you want to perform a photo search for and click continue. You will instantly get the results. Reverse search tool by Dupli check is one easy tool that can be used for several reasons, whether you want to know the origin of your image or where that particular image is being used without your consent or authority.


Reverse image search is a very useful way to do a picture search, which can sometimes be a hassle if you go through different search engines separately. Google reverse search engine is a great way to do a reverse photo lookup and some more quick and reliable websites to use.