Why A Website Is So Important

There are more than 7 billion people on earth today, and out of that, more than 4 billion are online. If your business still does not have a website, then you might be loosing out big time.

Here are 10 reasons you need a website now!

1) Your identity online

A website is your identity online. It is your brand. It is Your Own Domain Name .COM. It is an Email @ Your Company .COM. Every time when you tell people the URL of your website or your email, you are branding yourself to your customers. A website is establishing your mark in the online world.

2) Listed in Google, Yahoo and Bing

A website is normally indexed and listed on Google, Yahoo and Bing. These are the 3 major search engines today. When people want to buy something, or know more information, they usually perform a search at Google, Yahoo or Bing. When your website appears on the search engines, you will receive visitors to your website. If you don’t have a website, customers will just click on your competitors link, and you would have lost many potential clients.

3) Cheap and easy

Websites today are easily made online with no technical skills needed. With https://weberclay.com you can create your own website. All you need to do is upload some photos, type in the content and select the colour. Creating a website online with the full package can cost as low as USD 5 per month. That is indeed super cheap compared to traditional advertising media such as the local newspaper, magazine, radio or television.

4) Information

A website allows you to provide your customers with all the information about your company. Such as operating hours, services provided, history and expertise, products sold, specialty in the area of your business, images of your products, address and contact information, reservation and booking details, team members details, marketing and promotions strategy and so much more. Without a website, users are unable to find for all these vital and important information and thus unable to connect with you.

5) Marketing

Your website or social media page is one of the most effective marketing strategies today. We are living in a world where people are glued to their smart phones, iPad, tablets and laptops. Every second people are searching for where to eat, where to buy a product, where to get services, shops in my area, business in my area, for hire locally and the list is never ending. When your website or social media page appears on the list, there is a high chance that you have gained a new customer.

When you have your website and customized email address ready, you can proceed to the offline stage of your business such as printing of company cards, printing of brochures, banners, letter head and etc. When you begin distributing the business card, flyers and brochures, customers can easily check for more information on your website.

6) Secure your trademark

Let’s assume you are selling bottled water, and your brand is Caring Water. You should immediately also register and setup your website CaringWater.com. This secures your trade mark and copyright. If you do not immediately register your brand or your company’s name, someone else might have taken it, and you would have lost a chance to register this great domain name.

7) Updates and announcements

A website allows you to change the information, post news, make announcements and updates easily. Compared to traditional advertising on the newspaper or magazine, once they are published, there are no turning back. If you need to post new announcements or marketing promotions, you need to pay to re-advertise on the magazines and newspaper.

A website is also fast. Once you click on the save button, the news and announcements are instantly published. Users can stay updated with the latest happenings with your company.

8) Trust

A company or organization that have a website online tends to gain more trust from the customers. Research have shown that users tend to search for your company’s profile and information online before making a purchase from you. If your website has great details about the product or services you are offering, you are sure to close the deal with the customer. However if you are not searchable online, users might end up clicking your competitors website instead.

9) Worldwide

Remember, a website is worldwide for 4 billion internet users to view. Compared to advertising on a traditional media, the magazine, newspaper to television is only limited to the local area in your town. It is costly, and it’s reach is limited. A website is limitless.

10) Is always there

A website is always there marketing your company and organization to the world. It works 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year non stop. It is an online salesman that is working on your behalf to achieve greater heights and generate more revenue.


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