What Makes MS Access Database Still Popular For Businesses?

What Makes MS Access Database Still Popular For Businesses?

The Microsoft Access database application has been around since 1992. At the time, it was considered a pioneering application, since the majority of relational databases were either pricey database servers or DOS applications. Today, you can get professional MS Access support services for businesses within reach for most project budgets.

  • Portable & Flexible

One feature that a lot of users like is the ease of portability. No, not portability as in it can be utilized in Linux or on a Mac, but in the sense it is easy to move or copy, much like an Excel file. Since a Microsoft Access application can be in a single file it is simple to copy the database for other users, such as a new project or to replicate to other locations. IT personnel may grimace at this potential, but users normally like this feature in view of the fact that it allows for wonderful flexibility.

A lot of users realize that once they get to work with MS Access, they can understand it, and is very flexible. It is comparatively simple to make amendments to adjust it to their transforming business needs and requirements.

  • Prolonged Existence

MS Access has been around for more than two decades. Even though Microsoft has not been advancing the product much over the past decade, forecasts of its end have been very much overstated. As per the industry specialists, it remains the 6th most popular relational database.

These days, the most powerful database server software is available as open source and can be downloaded for free. Microsoft has SQL Server Express Edition, which is also a free download and can be utilized for a variety of small projects. The more potent editions of SQL Server are still within reach for the majority of project budgets and a licensed SQL server may already be installed on site and be accessible.

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