This Under £400 Budget Phone Has Features Apple’s New Iphone 11 Pro Doesn’t

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There are more interesting budget phones hitting the market lately, with big players like Apple, Samsung, and Google selling more affordable versions of their models last year. TCL took things a step further by launching an entire line, the TCL 10 series, where the whole selection consists solely of budget models. All TCL 10 models cost under £400, but what makes them so interesting is that some have features that even expensive models like the £1,049.00 iPhone11 pro don’t.

The TCL 10 Series

TCL is adding 3 models as part of the TCL 10 series: the TCL 10 Pro, which is their flagship model, the more affordable TCL 10L, and the TCL 5G, which has 5G capabilities. The TCL 10L UK will cost under £399 and the TCL 10L is under £200. We can expect the 5G model to be rolled OUT towards the end of the year in select markets. It has been stated that it should be under £400 as well. What makes this so impressive is that 5G models are usually noticeably pricier than their non-5G versions.

The Tcl 10 Could Be A Solid Competitor To The Iphone

Despite its low price, the TCL 10 Pro could be giving the iPhone 11 Pro and even models like the Samsung Galaxy S10 a run for their money. It features a curved AMOLED screen that is borderless and without any notch cutout. It also has a fingerprint reader integrated into the display, quadruple cameras, and face recognition.

Even Apple’s most expensive iPhone doesn’t have an in-display integrated fingerprint reader yet. It doesn’t have a fourth camera either. While models like the Samsung Galaxy 5G S10 do have these features, they are also much more expensive. Not to mention that the TCL actually has a headphone jack, which is a rare feature these days.

TCL 10 Pro Specs

The TCL Pro has 4 main cameras with different features. One is specifically for low light video. There is a 123 super wide-angle camera, a macro camera, and a 64-megapixel camera that serves as the main one. It also has a 24-megapixel front-facing camera. The low light camera is a welcome addition, as most other models simply use software in combination with their hardware to correct pictures in low light situations.

The high-resolution AMOLED display means better images, greater contrast, and rich colours. The screen is capable of handling 1080 x 2340 images and videos.

The Tcl 10l Is Not Far Behind

The more affordable TCL 10L may not have the same specs, but they’re still very respectable, especially when considering its price. The cameras don’t have the same resolution, and the screen is a regular LED and not AMOLED. It still has four cameras and a very powerful processor, however.

TCL has finally entered the smartphone game and is making a statement. It will be interesting to see how other manufacturers react and if it will lead to a trend in the industry.