The Future Of Facebook Messenger Marketing Is Chatbots

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger marketing gives marketers and business owners a brighter future to help them attain successful growth and goals. It is now the high time to explore digital marketing opportunities using the innovations this social media networking giant offers.

According to a report by Facebook, “people and businesses are increasingly connecting through a powerful, personal new medium: messaging.” It even added that by 2021, there will be a 23% rise on the global user base for mobile messaging application.

The use of Facebook Messenger chatbot platform paved the way for an alternative and efficient way of engaging with a business’ targeted audience, this is by building a trusting relationship and improving a brand’s social reach.

What is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

This is an AI (artificial intelligence) programmed to work on the Facebook Messenger platform and understand customers’ query, provide the best answer, and execute tasks needed. It allows a business to each out to its customers on a huge scale.

People nowadays are known to be demanding when it comes to getting answers to their problems or concerns relating to a brand’s product or service. They want information as fast as possible and a chatbot is designed to stimulate conversation with your visitors or customers.

The goal of a chatbot is to aid your visitors and customers find what they need through an interactive conversation instead of spending more time searching for the answers or information on your website.

One of the most in-demand Facebook Messenger chatbot platforms today is MobileMonkey

and here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to create a chatbot in just 5 minutes.

Marketers and business owners tend to lean toward the communication channels that customers are already using and chatbots can solve problems that customers encounter by reducing customer service delays, automating tasks, and proving answers to questions promptly.

So why is Facebook Messenger chatbot beneficial for your business?

According to a report from messenger people“17% of visitors convert to sale when they receive relevant information on Facebook Messenger,” and “47% of travelers opt to converse with businesses over messaging compared to speaking over the phone.”

Using chatbots also reduces cost because Messenger is a low-cost channel. Facebook also added that people are sending messages more because they want human connections, which a chatbot can do. Chatbot integration adds up to your business’ customer service satisfaction which is a vital factor for achieving growth and success.

People’s expectations and demands of businesses are evolving, and most of these people consider time valuable, making the timely and prompt responses of chatbots appealing. Facebook Messenger chatbots’ worldwide momentum is undeniable. Therefore, this tool is crucial for businesses of all sizes and types.

Soon enough, businesses would start redirecting their visitors and customers directly to Facebook Messenger for communication because it’s a lot easier to give what they need, compared to waiting on hold over the phone for the longest time or waiting for an email response. Integrating chatbots to your Messenger is highly suggested and the sooner the better, so you can discover the benefits it can bring your business.