The Dos and Don’t For a Swtor PvP Player

The Dos and Don’t For a Swtor PvP Player

The DOs and DONTs for a beginner in Swtor are pretty easy to understand. Just keep reading. When I first started in the game, it was obvious that the information I needed was not anywhere close by. This guide has come a long way since then. Most guides at the moment are written by players who have been playing for years or are even Rogues..

Some swtor credits at guides still use the old school guides from vanilla or beta versions of Star Trek Online. These guides are NOT the best, nor are they what will get you a full level in Swtor. They will however help you get some money, but they are not the best. The use of these old guides really screwed me over and made leveling Swtor a huge pain in the butt. I don’t recommend using them.

What I suggest today is the use of an updated and more complete guide that is written by a player that knows his or her way around the game. These guides are well written and can be used with other players if you so desire. There are dozens of these guides available online, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem.

The next thing I would look for in a Swtor guide is how in depth the information is. A good guide will tell you everything about combat, professions and races. It will also include tips on what to use and how to use your skills effectively. As for the latter, you will need to use your abilities in order to make the most out of them.

The last thing I would look for is where the guide got its information. Do a little research on the internet and you will find several Swtor guides. Some are free while others require a small fee. The better guides however are ones that have been personally tested and tried by players. This type of guide is the best to use because it will tell you exactly how to play your character in the greatest of ways.

The last tip I have for you when looking for the dos and don’ts for a swtor character is to keep your guide as up to date as possible. A lot of guides out there have information that is years old, outdated and wrong. This will cause problems when trying to learn as you will be playing against players who know the tricks and eso gold you are not learning from. This is especially important if you are a new player.