SMS Marketing Tools for Your Business

SMS Marketing Tools for Your Business

SMS marketing is the process of sending promotional and transactional messages for marketing purposes through text messages. These messages are meant to notify customers about promotional offers, reminders, and other updates to those who consented to receive such texts.

Marketing teams target prospective customers using permission-based subscribe links within campaign messages and implement digital promotions using MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), polls, coupons, surveys, and more. With bulk messaging, users can send numerous promotional text messages with one click, enabling businesses to gain a large number of new subscribers quickly and easily. Sales and customer service teams can leverage SMS communication to engage in two-way text messaging with prospects and customers.

To Qualify For Inclusion In The Sms Marketing Category, A Product Must:

  • Reach mobile users by SMS messaging
  • Provide an opt-in opportunity for new subscribers
  • Track interaction data related to each SMS campaign
  • Provide analytics or insights into SMS marketing efforts

Because of how effective SMS marketing has proven to be, businesses have dozens of options to choose from when it comes to SMS programs or service providers.

However, it’s important to get the best SMS marketing software and services so that your text-marketing strategies are foolproof. We narrowed down the four most important qualities of great SMS marketing platforms.

Ease Of Use

While this may vary among businesses, there are plenty of companies that want to integrate SMS marketing into their strategies but lack the technological capabilities to properly implement the service. This is why ease of use is so important, as having the right tools to build a functional SMS service with little development or coding experience will make this process much easier.

If you have in-house developers and experienced coders on your team, they should also be able to pick up the SMS marketing software and create the ideal service without any hassle. Once the software is installed and the service is up and running, these programs should be accessible for anyone in your business to use without a hitch.

Integration With Other Apps

Chances are, your business uses a myriad of other programs and third-party applications to handle your business needs. Your SMS strategy should not be mutually exclusive from those functions either, meaning it’ll need to be integrated with other applications.

Whether you need to connect your text-marketing program with Google Calendar, Outlook, Salesforce, MailChimp, or another application, having the freedom to connect with other important services will be important for executing your SMS strategy.

Pricing and Scalability

While taking up SMS marketing is a big step, finding services that offer scalable plans is important, especially for businesses that are just starting up and might not have a massive customer base yet. Paying for a service that primarily services large companies is not ideal, but choosing programs that allow you to pay relative to the number of your customers will reap greater rewards.