Mini Speakers; Choice Of Today

Mini Speakers

Music has become a part of our lives. No matter what it occasion it is; casually sitting at home doing nothing and listening to your favorite music on top volume, partying around with your best friends with some hip hop music, listening to loft music while your studying for your exam on the very last night or while you’re on a road trip with you best childhood friends, all you need are your very own red mini speaker to put the volume up and enjoy along the way. Here’s a little about these mini speakers;

Basic Feature


It comes in a single vibrant color which is red. It looks elegant yet fashionable.


Mini speakers are small enough to slip in anyone’s pocket making it easy for anyone to carry it anywhere easily. It is lightweight which weighs as less as 120 grams. It also comes with a sturdy woven strap for easy portability.

3.Answers calls

Best part about mini speakers is that they not only are just speakers but can also help answer calls. All that you need to do is tap to answer the calls. You can turn your halting conversations into podcast-worthy conversations easily through mini speakers.

4.Battery power

Another important feature is its long lasting 4 hours battery. You can now listen to music continuously for 4 hours nonstop because mini speakers have a powerful lithium battery. It in no time gets recharged and then you can enjoy 4 hours of continuous music.
Honor mini speakers can be doubled up for a home theater of the ages. It’s just a button click away. All you need to do is press a built in button for gripping, stereophonic sound from your phone , laptop or your tablet. Its 3W full range speakers deliver thunderous bass free of distortion even at peak volume levels. Since it is easily portable, you can take it anywhere you want either in your pocket or stick it to your car somehow and enjoy your beat.

Mini Speakers

Trusted Honor Quality

Like all Honor products, Honor mini speakers has passed reliability tests some of which are as follows
-USB plugging/unplugging done 2000 times
-Button durability ; 5000 presses
-Exterior durability by weight press of 10 kg, 10 seconds repetitions
-Drop test; room temperature dropped from 1 meter ( it is must that it takes normally afterwards )
You can also check our product’s reviews to ensure that our customers are actually satisfied with our products.