MilesWeb Review: Reasons to Recommend Them for Dedicated Hosting

MilesWeb Review

Are you planning to start your business online but stuck somewhere? This blog is going to help you answer your questions.

Firstly, you need to understand, what is the purpose behind taking your business online? How you are going to take your business online? How it is going to help grow your business?

In the world of globalization, your business must breach boundaries for growth. What are these boundaries then?

The boundaries can be geographical, age, language and so on. While you are taking your business online you are making it available to people over the internet, with the help of a term called web hosting. Getting into the details of hosting, it is the process of placing your webpages on the server provided by the hosting service providers. The hosting service providers like MilesWeb provide companies with some space on the servers according to the size of their businesses. The servers mentioned are the physical storages located in the data centers, which are entirely managed and run by the hosting companies. For your website to get hosted, you need a domain to locate your website on the internet. A domain, like your name, is the name given to your website. Web hosting service changes according to the nature of the business.

The reason behind mentioning the name of MilesWeb is, after lots of research I was able to find a trusted web hosting company, who is providing hosting plans at the cheapest rates with 24*7 hours technical support.


MilesWeb is one of India’s leading web hosting companies serving worldwide, with multiple hosting services. They provide a wide range of web hosting services from shared web hosting, Cheap VPS hosting, resellers to dedicated Servers. Apart from providing hosting plans, they also have an affiliate marketing program that helps people to be a promoter of their products and earn money. They have been serving customers worldwide since 2012, offering services like unlimited hosting, WordPress hosting, SSL certificate, etc. MilesWeb has more than 20,000 happy customers around the globe.

The segregation of plans has made it easier for the users to choose plans according to the nature of their business.

Reasons to Recommend Them for Dedicated Hosting

The different types of web hosting services are listed below:

Shared web hosting: The most typical type of hosting is shared web hosting in which multiple websites share a common server. The resources are shared between the websites that are hosted on the same shared server. Shared hosting plan is the cheapest of all. By separating resources, the web hosting becomes less expensive. As such, as specified by their particular hosting plan, each website on the server will have a limited number of resources. This kind of hosting plan has some drawbacks as multiple websites are hosted on the same server. If there’s a traffic spike on another website on your server, your site could potentially trigger performance problems. These circumstances are beyond your influence. Therefore, one can say this plan is good only if you want to save your money but in terms of quality, you’ll have to make certain adjustments. Shared web hosting is the best for small companies, personal bloggers and so on.

VPS web hosting: VPS stands for a virtual private server. This is much similar to shared hosting but, the difference is the number of websites hosted on this server is comparatively less. This plan is mostly opted by the ones who want to outgrow their shared hosting plan. In VPS, the main server is split into multiple servers according to the users. This type of hosting can be customized. It provides higher uptime and faster loading time proving smooth working of your website. In comparison to shared web hosting, VPS can be preferred well for small as well as larger businesses. Also, VPS provides scalability which means your resources can be extended if needed. This plan can be well suited for medium scale businesses.

Reseller web hosting: In this type of hosting plan, you are the one to buy server space and can host the websites of your clients. Reseller web hosting allows one company (a hosting provider) to rent hard drive space and bandwidth to another company (small-mid size business), who can then rent the space to third parties (entrepreneurs-small business). For someone who wants to start his hosting business, can start by buying a reseller plan from big hosting companies like MilesWeb. This plan helps you earn money as well as it is cheap. The reseller plan provided by MilesWeb includes free domains, cPanel accounts, disk space, unlimited bandwidth, database, email accounts, Softaculous, etc.

Dedicated servers: The best choice one can make is to choose Dedicated web hosting plan. You get a server that belongs entirely to you, and you alone. Ultimately as the server is all yours, you can avail all the benefits of the server. There are least chances of getting less uptime and speed.

The performance will be at its peak as you are not sharing the resources with any other website. You being the owner of the server have the liberty to choose the operating system, software, configurations, etc. You have control over the technicalities of the server.

You can surely expect extremely high uptime rates and fast loading speed if you are getting a dedicated server. You won’t have to worry about your performance being impacted by traffic from other websites.

Getting a dedicated servers is like getting your land where you can build your house whichever way you want to.

Dedicated web hosting plans can be beneficial for enterprise-level websites, where the traffic is too large. This ensures that the server gets 100,000 plus monthly visits, not to mention a lot of revenue. A dedicated hosting plan should be considered by major e-commerce sites and businesses so they would have full control over their server functions.

A dedicated server will benefit from sites that require the highest levels of protection, such as websites that store financial data (Banks) or medical information(Hospitals).

With MilesWeb, you can have your dedicated server in  ₹4999/-mo, in which you get an Intel Xeon processor, 8GB memory, 1TB  SAS storage, and 1 dedicated IP. The safest deal one can make to owe a server is to get one from MilesWeb.

Customer review:  If so much is provided by MilesWeb how can I be the only one to give reviews about the dedicated server. Here are few more reviews

I hope things would have been quite clear about, why you should opt for a dedicated server from MilesWeb if you have an enterprise-level website!

I hope things would have been quite clear about, why you should opt for a dedicated server from MilesWeb if you have an enterprise-level website!