Manage Your Workforce With These Top Apps

Manage Your Workforce With These Top Apps

The mobile application has made things easily accessible and making lives easier with apps like booking flights, banking online, getting directions, and whatnot. This makes companies go for the workplace applications that businesses are now taking leverage off.

Employees can use several applications that can be used for internal communication purposes. Providing staff with HR tools for self-service, and managing workflow. This is making the companies opt for a deskless workforce that makes it easy for employees to work without sitting on laptops and computers.

Out of all the applications, workforce apps are growing at a speedy rate with 87% of businesses now depending upon the business apps. There are also 60% of workers that feel that mobile applications have made their lives easier with increasing personal productivity. All you need to do is to achieve it with the app that you can get build with the help of a mobile app development company

The major business applications that businesses depend upon are:

1. Slack

One of the biggest and popular business platforms that businesses depend upon for any type of internal communication is Slack. As the name suggests, if you are slacking then just Slack it and get started with the work. This tool can be used by any type of industry big or small that even have some trusted names attached to it.
The giants using Slack include Target, TD Ameritrade, Airbnb, and HubSpot. Additionally, there are more than 65 Fortune companies and 150+ countries that use Slack. It can be used for Engineering, Remorse Working, Sales, Distance Learning, Media, IT, Financial Services, Customer Support, Human Resources, and Project Management.

2. allGeo

This is the type of myGeoTracking application that can be used for field service workers for different use cases. It is a type of solution that can be used for visibility, time clock, safety, load, EVV, Milage, Dispatch, and whatnot.
This full-service application works as the management tool for every mobile employee that can easily maintain the work. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have the internal communication features but includes the HR functionalities while integrating with the payroll tools. The application has multiple features that are used for several purposes for a better future.

3. Kronos

It is a different type of mobile workforce application that works as an all-in-one solution for businesses. The company dates back around 1977 that is used for revolutionizing employee time clocks with specialized time management. With time, the business reached a whole new light with the modernization and adoption of workforce management tools. The solution is used for different aspects including labor activities, analytics, employee scheduling, attendance, time, benefits administration, payroll, talent management, onboarding, acquisition, and human resource management.
There are several sectors that depend upon this application like higher education, banking, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, government, etc. This is a single solution type tool that works on multiple workforce management. The user’s rating and reviews are included in the workforce management that is used for desktop solutions.

4. Google Drive

One of the oldest yet most advanced applications that one uses is Google Drive that has a brand name connected to it. This application is used for personal as well as professional file storage that makes it easy for the employees to work on the cloud. It is considered an excellent solution that can be used for uploading and editing the files from anywhere.
Google Drive is a cloud-based solution that allows teams to collaborate with each other and share documents or files over the cloud. There are a few features that are missing from Google Drive that make it not so efficient for businesses but it can be used for basic workspace management. It is a great way to organize files and set up the clients and projects. This is one of the apps that work on all the operating systems build by leading on demand app development company.

5. Hangouts

It is the mobile application that includes two factors such as Chats and Meets that come handy when it comes to collaborating with the team. It is a G suite and a great communication tool that serves the purpose of conference calls and video meetings that is a great way for one-on-one meetings and smaller groups.
The Hangout chats work as a separate app for messaging for teams, projects, and simple conversations. This G-suite app is a great single solution that works well but is not simply integrated with the messaging and calling features. The remote workforce can achieve a lot from this application that is ideal for chatting as well. It is to ensure the productivity of the employees and easy to switch the apps.

These are the common mobile workforce apps that one can use to enhance their productivity and workflow with a few flaws and limitations. Especially during a difficult time like the pandemic, these apps and many more like these have made it easy for the world to survive. It is easy to communicate remotely making working easier and simple for everyone.

So, if you are planning to develop a mobile app then it might be a good idea to go for remote working apps.