Looking for A Discord Bot? Try Raid Helper

A formidable bot with a wide range of features that helps one to organize all the events for Discord is Raid Helper. The reason why Raid Helper is preferred over other calendar bots is the advancement that resides in it and makes it superior over other calendar bots. It is known to put into organization all the events, archiving, logging, polls, reminders, customization, etc.  Raid Helper is more focused on MMO’S and a wide variety of features in administration wait for the users free. Raid Helper has a ton of useful features that can already track attendance and more.

Features of Raid Helper

Raid Helper is meant to customize the displayed data format, edit all the properties of an event. Add image to the embed event, show reset timers for classic 20 raids of man, mention at creation of events, set limits to sign ups, classes or roles, premium custom templates, etc. The auto update with premium of servers event overview is also an exclusive feature of raid help that makes it quite different from all the other calendar bots. There are various other features as well of the raid helper. You can read about various features that they offer over their website before choosing them.

Choosing Raid Helper?

Why go for Raid Helper and choose this discord calendar bot over other calendar bots might be a difficult task for so many users but choosing Raid Helper is actually worth it. The exquisite, exclusive features Raid Helper possesses makes it worth choosing.  A great customization of events with a lot of choices keeping into consideration your personal taste is there which is not proffered in all the other calendar bots. Raid Helper is believed to be one of the best calendar bots for discord because of the features it comes up with.  Raid Helper lets you play your games with friends more often with only slick event creation and time zone conversions. For Discord, it is a simple yet very powerful discord bot. It is actually a feature-rich event organization tool for discord”, listening in to events, taking those details and stuffing them into a Google Sheet. For more information, visit their website to have a clear know how of calendar bots and the way they actually affect the games and stuff.