Incorporation In Hong Kong Can Be Both Easy And Hard For Foreigners Or Expatriates

company incorporation services

When you are to establish your new business in Hong Kong as a foreigner or expatriate, you may not be familiar with many rules yet, and you may consider this: Make use of one of those professional company incorporation services locally in Hong Kong to help you with your new business registration process.

Basically, the business services would assist you in many ways including a name search (of your preferred new company name) and the verification whether your chosen name is indeed available to be registered as your company name for business.

In some cases the name itself is important, as these days many businesses would have also launched a website for the same business. Ideally you want your company name to be exactly the same as your website’s domain name. But in reality, many good domain names have been taken.

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For the domain name, remember you are not only competing against other locally based Hong Kong businesses, but all other overseas businesses and individual persons. One viable solution to this is to stick with only domain name with extension local extension (such as .HK).

There are also companies in a totally different industry to your company’s industry but are already using your company name as their domain name(s). Buying those already purchased domain names can be very expensive and would usually be out of your budget range.

Obviously, you will have to prepare all the documents alongside the application form(s) with your signature before submitting your company registration application to Hong Kong Companies Registry. You must prepare to pay for the Hong Kong Government company incorporation fee and at least the first year of business registration fee.

You will need to present to Hong Kong Companies Registry with the Articles of Association (AA), share certificates, minute book, register of shareholders and directors, and their proofs of address. So the business service will have to prepare all those for you.

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Other items include a company secretary, an office address, significant controller, and company bank account. In Hong Kong, it is compulsory to assign a secretary to your newly registered company. The company secretary may be a person or just an entity. But the address associated to the secretary must be a Hong Kong local address.

The business service must prepare the significant controllers register and assign a designated representative to liaise with the Hong Kong authorities for the one year after you have incorporated in HK.

It is compulsory to have a registered office address which is located in Hong Kong. The business service will be able to help you by assigning you with a valid HK business address. The address may be used to receive government letters/documents or other physical business mails.

Before you go into a branch office of the bank for opening the bank account, the business service will help you with making the appointment and preparing the necessary documents.

Additional services such as phone answering services (or forwarding services) are down to the exact package you have purchased from the local Hong Kong business service.