How Your Saas Marketing Agency Should Create Seo Campaigns

Saas Marketing Agency

As the software-as-a-service (SaaS) sector of the digital economy has grown in recent years, marketing agencies focusing on SaaS have become increasingly popular. There are numerous elements to having a successful SaaS marketing agency, and one of the most critical factors is the ability to create successful SEO campaigns for clients. SEO is often thought of as a mystical entity, where only a select few understand the inner workings. However, this perception is simply untrue, and there are tried and tested methods for your marketing agency to create an effective SaaS SEO strategy. Learning exactly how your SaaS marketing agency can build effective SEO strategies that help to promote user engagement is critical for your clients’ success.

Create Effectual Content Structure

When a SaaS client comes to your marketing agency for help with improving their user engagement through SEO, one of the most essential elements you need to focus on is content structure. Your clients’ websites’ content structure is composed of how content on their site is organized and how it their menu bars and navigational tools are integrated into their overall site structure. These facets need to be organized effectually and have to be optimized for the user experience. Providing users with easier access to your clients’ website content with simpler dropdown menus and better structure will improve the quality of their websites, leading to increased user engagement.

Link Building is Key

Link building was the most essential elements for increasing SEO for SaaS companies for years, and while today it is not the most important facet, it is still extremely critical for improvements. Link building consists of finding keywords, and creating inbound links to your clients’ websites to improve analytical rankings. Utilizing top quality backlinks is essential, as websites can actually be penalized by Google for using untrustworthy methods (known as black hat) that are not accepted. The way to ensure that the links you use are of the utmost quality is to utilize reputable writers who have access to websites with high value.

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Collect Qualitative Feedback

You should be using a myriad of tools to understand how your SEO strategies are performing, and while many of these tools are quantitative and analytical, some of the most important tools you can invest in are qualitative. Qualitative data can help you to understand why your methods are working or are not working, as users are providing you with honest feedback. There are numerous types of qualitative tools that can provide you with data, such as surveys, live chats, session recordings, and more. These will all provide you with insight on what steps you need to take to engage with users more effectively on your clients’ websites. Investing in qualitative feedback may not be the most orthodox of methods for increasing user engagement, but is certainly extremely effective.

Final Thoughts

When building SEO strategies for your SaaS marketing agency it is important to take a wholistic approach and incorporate a multitude of methods. Learning about the various tactics available should let you alter your campaign creation to build more successful strategies.