How To Create Collages For Instagram With Trendy Apps

Trendy Apps

One of the hottest trends on Instagram is to create collages in the year 2019. People are using stunningly designed collages on their Instagram stories and feed as well. Influencers, businesses or brands are using beautiful and creative collages to stitch their photos and videos together. Creating attractive and classy collages can help you to capture the attention of the audience, add value to your content, give a unique style to your brand and give you a chance to add more photos in less space. Furthermore, it gives your followers a visual treat. Here are some best applications that work for Android and iOS to create awesome photo collages for your Instagram feed and stories.


Unfold is a complete package of simple and modern photo collage templates. Therefore, it is a favorite app of Instagrammers. It is undoubtedly considered as the most famous template application for Instagram stories. It offers the minimalist borders, filmstrip, digital wave, ripped paper, Polaroid and many more.


Storyluxe is a great template app for Instagram stories that grab the attention of a lot of users. This app has a variety of vibrant Instagram collage templates such as floral and film templates, Polaroid, neon and many more. You can edit these templates with custom borders by purchasing a premium plan. You can add your brand name, event name or any other detail to the film strip to make it more alluring and eye-catchy.


If you want to create seamless collages for your Instagram carousel then SCRL is a best collage template app out there. Using SCRL, users can freely use their camera-roll photos across frames in the canvas to keep their fans engage when they swipe up for more photos. The more you engage people with your content, the more your get views with buying Instagram views.

Trendy Apps


PicMonkey needs no introduction when it comes to editing photos or making photo collage online. If you want to make a beautiful photo collage in a matter of minutes for your Instagram feed or story then PicMonkey is a great option to consider. The best thing is that it has advanced photo collage templates that not only catch the user’s eye but also connect imagery from one carousel post to the other. Isn’t that cool? If you are looking for creative and cool collage template then go for it!


Over is not a new name to online users because it is a great tool for editing photos effortlessly. It has a number of graphics, templates, and fonts to create a high-quality collage in no time. You can edit its beautifully designed collage templates according to your needs using your phone.

Tezza App:

Tezza is an Instagram influencer who is also famous for her Instagram collages. She recently launches her own app named Tezza app where you can use collage templates for your Instagram stories that could give your fans a good reason to keep following your and clicking through your Instagram stories.

However, we have covered a few collage templates apps that let you unlock your creativity flow but there are so many other apps that help you to make attractive collages on Instagram. Consequently, you will get more views on your stories and feed post as well with buying Instagram views. Will you take on this hottest trend?  Let us know in the comments below!