Different Types of Outdoor Blinds – A Buyers’ Guide

Different Types of Outdoor Blinds – A Buyers’ Guide

Blinds are the most popular types of coverage for windows and open spaces like patio, balcony, pergola, veranda, etc. Nowadays, apart from curtains and shades, people are largely using blinds as an option to cover outdoor open space. The popularity of blinds over curtains and shades is not surprising as blinds are largely functional, stylish, and versatile. Whether you opt for wood shades or soft fabric blends, you have various options available out there.

Even though blinds may be difficult to keep clean, the benefits outweigh the hassles related to them. If you want to enhance your window or patio coverage treatment, blinds would be the most comfortable way to transform the space.

However, not all the blinds available out in the market are the same. These are made of various materials and also do not operate in the same way. To make the best choice, you need to know a little more about various blind types, which exactly match your wants and needs.

Understanding Blinds

Blinds now come in different types, sizes, and materials. All blinds feature individual slides, which can be adjusted up and down. Blinds can also be tilted from one side to another, which will let you control the amount of sunlight entering your space. In standard blind models, there may be a cord located at one side of the panels, which will allow the operation of the slits up and down. There may be a rod located on the other side of the outdoor blinds, which can be used to control the tilt of the slats by allowing you to open and close them when needed.

Types Of Blinds To Choose

Vertical Blinds – These blinds feature individual slats, which run along a channel at the unit’s top. Based on the style you choose, vertical blinds can open from side to side or both sides from the middle. These blinds are ideal for patio openings and also as floor-to-ceiling windows in other outdoor spaces. This can also be used at smaller windows.

Venetian blinds – Venetian blinds are another most popular blind model. This features horizontal slats which are attached with a strip or a string of cloth called tapes. As you raise the Venetian blinds, the bottom slat will press on to the slats above and pull them up.

Panel blinds – Panel blinds are also among the most popular choices for patios and other open spaces. These are being used most successfully on large windows. These blinds feature panel sections, which move along a track installed above by allowing them to open and close through a cord operation.

As outdoor blinds, you can also consider mini blinds, micro blinds, pleated shades, cellular blinds, Roman shades, roller blinds, and so on. There are several options available to take care of your requirements. In any case, you need to do a thorough assessment of your open space to identify the exact needs to choose the most appropriate blind model for optimum results.