Convert Files Easily: Save and Send Spreadsheets as PDFs via PDFBear

Convert Files Easily: Save and Send Spreadsheets as PDFs via PDFBear

Excel spreadsheet presents data and descriptions in a coherent approach. This is one reason why most entrepreneurs utilize spreadsheets as quickly as possible to work out critical figures. However, the more details the spreadsheet contains, the greater the file’s size, making it a complicated problem.

Therefore, it is good to identify a safe and efficient online converter to convert spreadsheets to PDF to reduce the file size. But is there any way you can transform the Excel spreadsheet into a PDF? This post will explore more about how to convert any XLS file directly to a PDF file. That said, here’s how you can learn how to convert Excel spreadsheets efficiently.

Convert Excel to PDF with Ease

With loads of presentations to finish, you might need to find a quick resolution to get your Excel spreadsheet ready and organized. To make your conversion from Excel to PDF a streamlined, easy process, use PDFBear. PDFBear is one of the most efficient applications you can use to address all your digital difficulties

Using PDFBear, as your online tool will make your job manageable and easily rely on your PDF issues without having to struggle. You’ll be able to experience the most straightforward and most efficient editing or conversion job with this converter. Now, convert your XLS spreadsheet to a PDF, and make sure you have the feature that PDFBear brings to the table.

Transform XLS to PDF in Simple Steps

Individuals that need to convert XLS to PDF are no longer recommended to implement and download any offline applications for the efficient use of PDFBear. The program is available, and features can be accessed via the PDFBear online portal. On the same page, the only thing you can do is follow the guidelines on the portal.

Moreover, the PDFBear method only takes four steps to complete the conversion, and it is made easy not to let their users get confused along the way. And if you don’t have enough experience optimizing PDFs, the process will be uncomplicated if you follow the guides. Now, these are the ways to turn XLS to PDF:

  • Launch PDFBear on the web browser. If the website is opened, select the box written with Excel to PDF.
  • From there, select the XLS you need to convert to a portable document format, or simply drag and drop it to the conversion toolbox. Be sure to pick the exact file.
  • PDFBear will start converting your Excel spreadsheet to PDF in a matter of seconds or minutes.
  • While the conversion process is still undergoing, please wait for it to be completed successfully. When done, you can now download the newly converted file from the Download options and save it to your laptop or any device you are using.

High Degree of Security and Operates Safely

PDFBear ultimately acknowledges that you will be using a variety of susceptible documents and files. As a result, the website uses 128-Bit SSL Encryption to ensure users that unauthorized persons cannot access documents and data. They are concerned about your file’s confidentiality, making them the top online conversion tool you can depend upon.

Besides, PDFBear promises that the XLS is secure when using its services. The website would, of course, delete any documents or files that you send or transmit. This protection framework applies similarly to the information that digital users send to their servers. You can adjust this feature by selecting to save your documents to your PDFBear account.

Multi-Purpose Platform Support

The excellent features of PDFBear are not only recognized for providing one of the most acceptable security measures, but they are also well known for demonstrating versatility and compatibility with all kinds of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Further, this web-based tool is also suitable for devices such as laptops, PCs, tablets, or smartphones.

As mentioned above, you don’t need to worry if your device or system is functional with PDFBear. The only specifications are a secure internet or data connection and adequate storage space to archive and back up all documents or files. With that, this makes it one of the most successful ways to convert your Excel documents to a PDF file format.


Without a doubt, the PDFBear online converter tool is the perfect choice for you if you want to convert your Excel spreadsheets to a portable document format file. With its easy steps and outstanding document protection, you can feel secure while converting your files to any format you like anywhere and at any time.