Control, Reset And Restore WordPress In One Click


Today we are looking at how to control, reset and restore your WordPress site in one click. Probably this is the easiest way to reset any WordPress sites easily. Here we go.

Running a WordPress website is not a hard task but if something went wrong, it may be hard to solve the issue if you are not a WordPress expert.

If you are running WordPress sites for your personal needs or for your business purposes, you may want to reset your sites regularly.

The best way to control and reset your WordPress sites is by using the WP Reset Plugin. Let’s check how you can use the Plugin effectively.

Control your WordPress Site

The method of controlling a WordPress site is managing themes and plugins effectively. We recommend uninstalling unwanted plugins and themes regularly because these useless things will slow down your site and a slow site may negatively affect your SEO.

If you ever want to delete all plugins and themes from your WordPress site, there is an option available on WP Reset plugin.

Once you install the Plugin, go to the Tools section and scroll down to see the options to delete themes and plugins. If you are using this option, all themes will be deleted including the currently active theme. If you choose to delete plugins, all plugins will be deleted except for WP Reset which will remain active.

Reset your WordPress Site

The WP Reset Plugin is created mainly to reset any kind of WordPress site easily. Download the Plugin and go the reset tab and scroll down to see the option to reset your site within seconds. Before running a reset, we highly recommend you to take a complete backup to safe your precious contents.

Restore your WordPress Site

If you want to restore your WordPress site, it is really easier than you imagine. Go to your WordPress dashboard > tools > import to restore your site. There you have the option to import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file from your backup.

Hope this article helps you to easily control, reset and restore your WordPress site easily.