Can Real Estate Investors Perform Digital Marketing with a Smartphone?

Can Real Estate Investors Perform Digital Marketing with a Smartphone?

Advanced digital marketing strategies can be complex and some tasks aren’t easy to perform from a cell phone. Even the largest smartphones and tablets can present obstacles to marketing

Ideally, marketing strategies should be executed using a desktop computer. However, there are several ways to make mobile devices work.

1. Hire A Property Management Company to Do the Grunt Work

Relying on a mobile device is easy when all you need to do is check your email for status updates and use various smartphone apps to check in on your profits. That’s the luxury you’ll get when working with a property management company.

When you hand over your digital marketing tasks to a team of property management professionals, you won’t need to sit in front of a desktop or laptop computer to market your vacancies or properties for sale. Your property management team will handle the workload and you’ll only need to use your mobile device to check the status of your properties.

2. Make Use of Apps That Consolidate Tasks

If you can perform two or more tasks with one app, that’s going to help you with your digital marketing efforts. For example, if you post status updates to multiple social media platforms, find an app that allows you to post to all of the platforms you use from one interface.

Another type of app that will help with marketing is one that consolidates your landlord duties and tenant data so you never lose sight of your current situation. For example, using the Landlordly app will keep track of rent payments from tenants, your expense receipts, maintenance records, scheduled inspections, notes, pending evictions, tenant contact information, documents, and photos.

When you can see the status of your units at a glance, you’ll know when to prepare for marketing a soon-to-be-vacant unit.

3. Get A Larger Screen to Use When Needed

While you can perform a large amount of marketing tasks from your mobile device, sometimes a big screen will come in handy. If you don’t have a laptop or desktop to use, get a screen magnifier. They’re extremely affordable and easy to use.

Optics Magazine reviewed 10 screen magnifiers you can use to project a larger image of your screen when working on digital marketing tasks. Keep in mind that you’ll also need a wireless keyboard and mouse to use your mobile device with a larger screen.

If you have a laptop with a small screen, you can get a screen magnifier or plug in a set of two USB-powered screens that sit on either side of your laptop to give you more viewing area. It’s just like having three monitors at your desk.

4. Use Native Apps to Post Listings Rather Than Web-Based Applications

The apps installed on your phone are considered native apps because they run on your phone’s operating system. A web-based application, on the other hand, operates from the web server. There is a difference between these two types of applications.

Native apps make use of your phone’s native features, whereas web-based apps can’t. For example, a native app can connect to your phone’s camera, microphone, and other features to allow you to take photos and post them to a listing service immediately.

If you use a web-based app to post a listing, you’ll need to navigate to the website and go through tedium to create your listing.

5. Use Your Mobile Device Only When You’re On the Move

To successfully use your mobile device for marketing, try to only use it when you’re on the move. If you rely on your device for 100% of your marketing efforts, you might miss important details.

If you’re like most people, you don’t open every email or read every line of content you engage with, even when it’s related to business. This will hurt your digital marketing efforts, especially when you’re collaborating with others or looking for ideas online.

Use a dedicated laptop at a real desk for the majority of your marketing tasks. This way, you’ll put yourself in a state of mind that is fully focused on your business. If you use your smartphone for marketing, you’ll get into the habit of treating business communications and tasks casually, just like you treat personal communications.

Optimize How You Use Your Mobile Device, But Don’t Rely On It Fully

Ultimately, you can use your mobile phone for digital marketing, but if you rely on your device for all of your marketing tasks, you’ll struggle to get big results.