Article Writing How Content Optimization Can Render National Results

Article Writing

Article writing is an important factor in your marketing and Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategies.  First, article writing is a great way to make the public aware of your expertise and knowledge in a given industry.  Second, article writing can generate a multitude of back-links and traffic to your website by using applicable keywords.  Getting started writing articles can be a bit trickier than writing for a blog.  Writing an effective article requires an understanding of professional writing and Associated Press or AP standards along with the capability to merge SEO tactics throughout the body of your article.  Below are a few tips on article writing and submission.

Make an outline of the story you want to tell: In order to manage your thoughts, it is a good idea to create a structured outline. For Example, Title-“Determining Your Business Structure”, Introduction paragraph-“company administrators must be diligent in researching the business structure advantageous to the vision” etc.  Creating a guide will help ensure that your story flows well and is readable by your audience.

Identify keywords: Because article writing for marketing purposes is two-fold, not only do you have to structure an informational story, but you must integrate your identified keywords. Your keywords should relate to both your article’s content and your website’s content.   Usually 3-4 keywords used 3 or 4 times a piece will prove to be the most effective, depending on the length of your article.  Once you choose your keywords remember to link them to the appropriate pages on your website.

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Make your point: In order to sustain readers make your point early and then explain.  Grab your reader’s attention with urgency or by asking a question that they want the answer to.  This is often done in the first paragraph of your article; the following paragraphs should explain the problem, offer solutions to the problem or answer the question implied.

Write with momentum: Adjust the tone to match the content of your article.  If you want to provoke urgency, sadness, excitement etc., choose your words wisely to reflect that emotion.  Also, regardless of your tone choices, write with suspense to keep your readers on their toes until the very end.

Review, review, review: Proofreading and editing is king when writing.  Have someone else read your draft and give comments.  Read your draft out loud to find errors in punctuation, tone and the overall readability of the article.  Evaluate your word use to ensure there are not better options for word choices.  Once you do all of this, do it again.  Nothing is worse than a piece of writing that cannot be read due to grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.