A Brief Guide on Conversation Marketing With Chatbots


It does not matter where you live and what you do, because you have probably heard about Facebook Messenger. According to statistics, it is one of the most popular platforms for instant messaging, with approximately billions of messages sent every month.

Another important strategy that derived from FB Messenger is conversation marketing, which is becoming more and more popular as time goes by.

Therefore, people and businesses have started implementing chatbots that can engage with your potential customers by answering frequently asked questions.

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Even though some marketers have stated that this particular form of digital marketing is the most effective when compared with others, you have to learn a few things before starting.

You should also learn the most common mistakes that marketers chatbot software make when it comes to conversation marketing in general.

Let us start from the beginning.

What Is Conversational Marketing?


According to most sources we read, conversational marketing is a feedback-oriented approach that marketing agencies use to improve overall engagement, grow customer base, create customer loyalty and enhance annual profit.

It revolves around the idea that listening to your customers is the best way to address his/her needs. Of course, it includes different practices that you can implement including:

  • Live Customer Support
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Email marketing
  • Chatbots
  • Customer success

Even though the term is broad when it comes to its possibilities and implications, in the narrow definition, it uses chatbots as the primary way to engage with customers. Have in mind that chatbots will require creating code by using numerous generators that are available online.

Some people decide to implement it on official websites, and you will see them in the bottom right corner as a chat interface. The most advanced chatbots use artificial intelligence, which means that they can learn and adapt based on future answers and customer reactions.

At the same time, some of them will allow a form submission so that they can determine whether you will need social support or not.

Note that chatbots are not just for marketing purposes, because they are becoming a vital feature for improving customer service in general. For instance, when you enter Facebook to ask something, you will talk with chatbot and it will help you reach the answer for issues you have.

When compared with human agents, chatbots cannot get tired, they work 24/7, and will not let external factors to affect their reactions.

Therefore, if a potential customer is showing a lack of respect, the chatbot will remain cold and as always, which is not something human agents could handle. We have mentioned above that in some situations; it is necessary for humans to join a conversation.

The main misconception is that AI will remove the need for human agents because, by now, bots can handle simple conversations and transactions. The AI will store frequently asked questions and answers based on their repetition with the ability to save time on answering.

Mistakes People Make With Conversational Marketing


Confusing Marketing and Sales Pitch

The main reason why people fail this particular form of marketing is that they implement a single chatbot for marketing strategy and sales strategy, which is not something that should be mixed in the first place.

Even though both strategies share common goals, sales and marketing are more useful when they are supplementary. It means that if you have marketing materials such as landing pages, content, email campaigns and collateral, you can use the chatbot to contact someone you need.

However, if you wish to balance both sides properly, we recommend you to avoid mixing these things, because it will overwhelm you and cause confusion for potential customers, which will drive them away from converting.

This particular approach is the worst thing that you can do because you will not be able to create a reliable sales funnel where you can start selling. It is vital to use different aspects when it comes to both strategies, and focus on their parts that will lead visitors into a sales funnel.

In case you have pages that cannot convert, as you wanted in the first place, then you should implement a chatbot to improve engagement. In fact that someone wishes to use a whitepaper, you should use a lead form instead.

The idea is that engagement can be problematic if someone does not want to talk. Therefore, if someone wants to download an EBook, having a chatbot to start a conversation about it will annoy prospects.

The main point of low engagement in these cases is due to the seamless perspective that your prospects will get. On the other hand, you can easily program a chatbot to ask for proper information similarly as they would do it manually on the form.

However, in high marketing funnels, it is essential to maintain the road towards selling by reducing friction by engaging in conversation with a prospect. People tend to overcomplicate things when adopting these strategies, while visitors want a straightforward experience.

Don’t Think That Each Visitor Wants to Chat

If you have created an entire marketing process by following a need to initiate a conversation with the bot, it means that you do not understand what you will get with it.

In truth, you should know that most people online do not want to engage in conversation with anyone unless they need to.

That is the main reason why chatbots are perfect sales tools because only people that are already interested will engage with them, which will reduce sales friction.

For instance, if you wish to order a pizza online and bot asks you to tell your order that is a perfect and straightforward approach unless it wants to sell you up to other things as well. We recommend you to click here and you will be able to learn everything about smartbots in general.

The same example is when you wish to sign up for the webinar, you may not want to talk with someone throughout the process, but only attend it. However, your intent can be lead to a conversation with bot immediately.

It is the way better solution to contact them after engaging the webinar and not the first time they enter your website. That way, you will be able to ask for their feedback, while in the first place, they may not want to communicate at all.